Mock & Koji

Mock is used to test that the BuildRequires for a package are complete and accurate, by creating a bare-bones chroot environment containing only the basic build packages plus any packages indicated by BuildRequires lines in the spec file.

yum install mock

Add user the mock group: usermod -aG mock jcqiu and logout/login.

go to the SRPM directory: cd /rpmbuild/SRPM

mock the rpm file: mock -r fedora-18-x86_64 units-1.88-6.fc17.src.rpm

Koji is a client-server system which allows you to queue builds within the Fedora build farm. This permits you to test whether your package builds on multiple different architectures, which is especially useful when you don’t otherwise have access to the machines of each architecture.

koji build f18 –scratch rpmbuild/SRPMS/units-1.88-6.fc17.src.rpm

arm-koji build f18 –scratch rpmbuild/SRPMS/units-1.88-6.fc17.src.rpm
s390-koji build f18 –scratch rpmbuild/SRPMS/units-1.88-6.fc17.src.rpm



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