Beaglebone A6 Quick-start:

Beaglebone A6 Quick-start:


Note: please plug in the power supply before connect beaglebone to your computer through USB cable. (Otherwise, power may not enough).


Use the provided USB cable to plug BeagleBone into your computer. This will both power the board and provide a development interface. BeagleBone will boot Linux from the provided microSD card and operates as a flash drive. This provides you with a local copy of the documentation and drivers.

You’ll see the PWR LED on steadily. Within 10 seconds, you should see the USR0 LED blinking in a heartbeat pattern. During accesses to the SD card, you should see the USR1 LED turning on.


If it is doesn’t work, you properly need install drivers for your operating system.


After you can see the microSD card, eject it. The EJECT operation tells your BeagleBone to switch from “storage mode” to “network mode“, enabling you to access the networking features over your USB cable. On each power-up, BeagleBone defaults to “storage mode”.

On Windows, it will auto install the USB Ethernet driver:


After the deriver installed, run ipconfig, you will see there are new adapter connection 2:



Cloud9 IDE can be used to develop software on your BeagleBone without the need to download any development software. Cloud9 IDE runs directly on your BeagleBone and is accessible through either Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer will NOT work).                                               Open Brower, go to url:

Create a simple JavaScript have fun.

Click the “+” in the top-right to create a new file

Copy and paste the following code into the new tab:

var bb=require(‘bonescript’);

setup = function () {

pinMode(bone.USR3, OUTPUT);


loop = function () {

digitalWrite(bone.USR3, HIGH);


digitalWrite(bone.USR3, LOW);



Note: this code is different with the code from original website (which has an error).


Save it and Run/Debug it, you should see the USR LED3 blinking.  (If not success, try uncheck the “Run in debug mode”, and then Run it.)

Reference from  :


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