Issue when booting up Fedora 17 on beaglebone

Background Info: I burned Fedora 17 image(which is for Bealgeboard XM) on Beaglebone, and try to make it work.

Yesterday, I went to see my professor Chris Tyler who is also the Industrial Research Chair in CDOT(The Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology). We were trying to connect the beaglebone through Minicom, however, it was not success.  It did not showing any message on minicom.

The boot process is thus a 3 step process:

We didn’t get any message seems something wrong with the boot files. And we do some test(like:change boot files), and it still not work.

Later on, we burn Angstrom on another SD card for test.  This time, when we connect beaglebone to computer, it will show file connect, and then eject it, we got an new network interface with static IP.

However, when we try to use minicom to connect beaglebone, still not work.

So, I will keep work on Fedora 17, and try to make it work on Beaglebone.

For now, I changed my project to make Fedora 17 run success on Beaglebone.


Update on Nov 11,2012

(1) Try to get F17 running by leaving partition 1 untouched (the boot files) and replace partition 2 with the F17 userspace (“rootfs”). The easiest way to do this is probably to mount an Angstrom card on a PC, erase the files on the 2nd partition, and untar a rootfs tarball onto that partition.

(2) If that works, try updating the kernel on partition 1 to the F17 OMAP kernel. The kernel is the ‘uImage’ file in the first partion.

(3) If that works, then try to create a full beaglebone image from the F7 components.


2 thoughts on “Issue when booting up Fedora 17 on beaglebone

  1. We don’t have a kernel yet to support the BeagleBone. I suggest you work with the Fedora 18 alpha release as that kernel might support the BBone although this is untested but in theory the 3.6 kernel should work with it.

    I suggest trying to use screen rather than minicom too, its simpler to make work “screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200” should be enough to make that work

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