Fedora omap kernel config file

Tonight, I go to IRC #fedora-arm channel to ask people about the Fedora 17 omap kernel config file again.

Maste give me a f18’s config file, and says this file has many difference with f17’s. He suggest me to use this one which is better version.  And he tell me to use mkimage tool to make f18’s uIamge if I can’t find it. 

Here is the sample command to run: ” mkimage -A sh -O linux -T kernel -C gzip -a 0x8C001000 -e 0x8C002000 -n “Linux 2.6” -d vmlinux.bin.gz vmlinux.ub “

The addresses for the two parameters “-a” (load address) and “-e” (execute address) depend of the specific target board that is being used, and they also depend on the SE mode.


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